The Top Attractions of Manila

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Published: 29th January 2013
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Manila is the capital of Philippines and one of the largest cities in the world. With a population of more than 20 million and a conglomeration of various religions and cultures, this city is an inviting and engrossing mix of diversity. As the capital of the country, the city is also the hub of the history and rich culture of Philippines. Affordable flights are easy to find, with cheap flights to Manila originating from several airports of the UK.

Airlines flying to Manila include KLM, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and many others. With the wide range of attractions and activities it offers its guests, Manila is a popular destination with tourists from around the world. This article aims to outline some of the best attractions this city has to offer in order to allow for an exciting and wholesome stay in this city.


This walled city heads many lists of attractions in Manila. Situated in the oldest part of the city, Intramuros is famous for its impressive Spanish architecture, stunning colonial residences, government buildings and even, churches. This old walled city also houses the famous Fort Santiago. Fort Santiago is an epitome of the rich history of this not just this city but also the history of Philippines.

The beautiful gardens of this fort are themselves a delight, warranting Intramuros a spot on the list of best tourist attractions of Manila. It is alleged that this is the only part of Manila with marked influence of the Spanish-era still intact. For a fully rewarding and engaging tour of this historic attraction, it is suggested that one opts for a guided tour, for instance, the Celdran guided tour which is recommended by many.

National Museum of the Philippines:

Over 100 years old, this Museum houses the greatest artifacts, paintings, sculptures and archeological finds from the history of Philippines. It boosts a remarkable permanent exhibition too: “The Museum of the Filipino People” is a must visit for those craving a glance in to the history of Philippines. The Museum is open every week from Wednesday to Saturday.

Remedios Circle:

One of Manila’s most popular tourist attractions, the Remedios Circle is home to wide assortment of bars, cafés, restaurants and a major part of the night life of the city. With discos lining this attraction, a trip to Remedios Circle will surely energize your night with its powerful and exotic feel of the true Manila nightlife. From first-class restaurants to themed restaurants, and from international to local cuisine, this place offers it all – one just needs to take a look around to decide what they want to enjoy.

The Baywalk:

Manila is situated on the eastern shore of the Manila Bay on Luzon, which is the largest island of Philippines. There is no better way to enjoy breath-taking sunsets than to take a walk down the Baywalk. It overlooks the Manila Bay along the impressive Roxas Boulevard. From seaside jogging right down to some deep soul-searching, this attraction allows its visitors the chance to enjoy just about anything. It is also lined with numerous restaurants and cafes that provide mouth-watering and delicious food.

Luneta Park:

This park, also known as the Rizal Park, lies in the heart of the city and commemorates the independence of Philippines from the US. This park is centuries old and overlooks the Manila Bay, a fact that compounds its beauty. The park is home to the Rizal Monument: this monument is amongst the most popular landmarks of the country. Apart from this, the Luneta Park also houses the Light and Sound Complex, the famous National Historic Institute, the National Library and amongst others, the Artists’ Haven. The park also offers great dining opportunities through a variety of small restaurants.

While these are the top attractions of Manila, the entertainment and excitement doesn’t end here. The city houses two of the largest malls of the world, including the famous Mall of Asia which is a must-visit for shopaholics. Manila Zoo, Manila Ocean Park and the prestigious Malacanang Palace, which is the home of the President of Philippines, are some other important attractions that warrant a visit on your trip to this marvelous city. Grab your cheapest airfare deals to make your trip more memorable.

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